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Our way to breed Classic Innovation: 


Any breeding of any domesticated animal is a fight against Nature, who formed during millions of years a blue-print of each species. 

When breeding horses we have to suppress this „Przewalski“ type. Because we want to breed a high level dressage horse ! 

 By using ancient top blood we want to improve modern dressage horses, especially complementary items like collected/reinforced exersizes and at the same time avoid inbreeding.                      

 "Classic Innovation“ breeding consists of a few steps according to genetic laws of nature. 

 1st step: 

Introduce a first generation (F1) severely selected noble blood…..but only a limited number, because this is not our final goal! 

 2nd step: 

Use this F1 parent for back-crossing to good quality warmblood, making the F2 generation. A big number of these F2 horses are of very remarkable quality. 

 3rd effect: 

Maximize also all qualities by the automatic "heterosis effect": 

Here one makes conscious use of the laws of nature. Long-run inbreeding and the resulting weaknesses (e.g., susceptibility to disease, genetic defects, etc.) are reversed, producing a tremendous new vitality and power as secondary effects. 

 In a nutshell: In our "Classic Innovation" program only minimal use is made of F1 hybrid breeding.  Back crossing to F2 and F3 etc. is fulfilling our ideals of an outstanding modern dressage horse.