Our Vision

-back to the roots-


"Classic Innovation" - back to the roots

A few hundred years ago, among other things, high dressage was performed to amuse the royal families, the nobility and the rich. For this purpose they had an "Equier", a dressage specialist. No expense has been spared to import the most beautiful barock horses and show them proudly at high school demonstrations.
  From Spain, Austria, Hungary and also from Friesland came the most elegant, Baroque riding horses, which had a lot of balance and movement. This is the basis for the Baroque (classical) breeds.
  The next milestone in history was the introduction of the tractor, which made the horse completely redundant. Draft horse breeds became unpopular.... Warmblood horses were now used more as a luxury hobby, rather than for agricultural use. 

The next step in development came when in North-West Europe, first of all in Ireland, the breeding of "hunters" was practiced with English Thoroughbred coupled with heavy warmbloods, which was longtime the most direct method of breeding riding horses. The result was successful warmbloods with a slim, muscular body, speed and great jumping ability.
  For the dressage sport, however other qualities are desired!  Collected and extended gates in short intervals. But for pirouettes, passages and piaffes, the Baroque breeds are still better suited due to their body shape and maneuverability.
  However in all these years, the original, fine and elegant type of baroque horse has been pushed back   
  With selective use of baroque blood we can introduce more of these ancient dressage qualities!
  In warmblood breeding, up to now mainly English Thoroughbred, less Arab and almost no baroque breeds with the old, special qualities have been systematically used.
  With some horse connoisseurs, we came up with the idea to re-introduce the original qualities of the best Baroque  lines in our modern dressage warmblood breeding. Experience has shown that, with thoughtful use of this fresh, old blood, we get the best results.