Our Vision

-back to the roots-

"Classic Innovation" 

- back to the roots-

At present an increasing degree of consanguinity is overwhelming the world’s  dressage horses. With worldwide sperm transport and modern techniques of insemination the  top stallions realize hundreds of off-spring each year; all with 3,4 often even 5 generations blood of the same stallion’s family. 

The leading European horse magazine „St.Georg“ published also in February  2023 about studies on miss-building-problems like ECVM, Spinalstenose and deformations of legs, ribs, trachea, general weakness and very early aging.    

With some horse connoisseurs we formed a Foundation Classic Innovation with the idea to re-introduce in modern dressage warmblood breeding the fresh, old, pure dressage blood, amongst other the best of Classic blood. The results  are surprising.

We call such horses with the adjective CLASSIC INNOVATION. They are getting more and more attention in the breeding programs of several German studbooks, as well as Dutch, French and Iberic colleagues.