Board and other persons

  The foundation was founded by the notary Morgane Crasson in Malmedy, Belgium, by the following persons, who also form the board of the foundation:
  President: Dr. Jean-Albert Chaumier, Montchaude, France, Hippological expert
  Deputy. Chairman: Roger Besserve, Clermont-Ferrand, France,
  Breeder and successful driver
  Secretary: Jan Driessen, Maaseik, Belgium,
  Genetic expertise of the Baroque breeds
  Treasurer: Astrid v. M. Hülsmann, Bütgenbach, Belgium,
  Jury / Expert for High Dressage
Technical advisor: Anne Besserve,  Clermont Ferrand, France

2022 Meeting Classic Innovation successful general assembly for the year 2021.

The board members had traveled far for this meeting in
 Chapdes Beaufort " ELEVAGE DU RIAL". 
The new breeding philosophy for dressage horses "Classic Innovation" is becoming more and more popular. The first foals are now growing up and confirm exceptional quality. We thank all breeders for their trust. 
 Anne Besserve has been appointed as technical advisor



Annual meeting of the board


from  France, Netherlands and Germany

Team in support of the board:

   Active in high dressage: Chris and Jeannette Haazen, Neeroeteren, Belgium  

Active in top-level driving: Wiebe Dragstra, North Caroline, USA  

Driving promoter: Willy Naessens, Waregem, Belgium  

Longtime international jury and board member KFPS: Peter Weijnen, Netherlands  

Breeder of riding and driving horses: Anne Castro, Chapdes-Beaufort, France  

Veterinarian for horses: Melanie Eyschen, Luxembourg  

Osteopathy for horses: Peter Van Den Eynde D.O., Erps-Kwerps, Belgium  

Equine Dentist: Bart van der Pitte, Leuven, Belgium  

Kinésitherapie for riders: Caroline von Moeller, Malmedy, Belgium 

 Innovative breeder: Cor Driessen, Swalmen, Netherlands  

Multilingual interpreter: Charline Lempereur, Arimont, Belgium
Horse-Based Business Coach: Anja Blankenburg, Germany
Active trainer of promising young horses: Patric Feder, Germany
Public relations for Classic Innovation Horses: Philipp Gier, Austria   

Press and Internet Site: Christian Pauels, Belgium and Lisa Eyschen, Luxembourg